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The path to getting poetry published is confusing at best. It doesn’t have to be.

I’m Radha Marcum, author of two award-winning poetry collections—Bloodline (New Mexico–Arizona Book Award, 2018) and Pine Soot Tendon Bone (Washington Prize, 2023).

Like you, I started with far more questions than answers about how to build a manuscript and get published, generally. Two decades on, I know it's not about luck. A strategic approach, taking certain steps, does make your work more likely to get a "yes" from a publisher. I launched Poet to Poet in 2021 to help poets take those steps.

Whether you’re building a portfolio of journal publications or are working on a chapbook or full-length collection, you’re in the right place.

I hope you’ll enjoy the practical advice you find here. Rest assured, publishing poetry isn't about pure talent or luck. While focusing on your work's unique qualities and strengths, you can be more strategic about the path to publication. Let’s explore how.

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Finish & Get Your Manuscript Published

Get personalized support in 1:1 coaching with Radha. Complete your work with confidence—then create a strategic plan for getting it published. 

Connect With Poets & Stay Motivated

For a small monthly fee, join The Poets Circle, a private group that discuss the nuts and bolts of developing and publishing poetry—and the big questions that background that process.

Masterclasses & More—Explore Resources

Explore the archive of free masterclasses and advice from contemporary poets via Poet to Poet interviews. Plus, sign up for upcoming classes and learning opportunities. 

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What Poets Say

"After studying with you was when I started to get published. Working with you fundamentally changed how I think about my own work."

Stefanie Kirby, author of Fruitful, winner of the Driftwood Prize

"Radha, thank you for sharing your expertise. I especially liked your 'zone of poetic genius' graphic and your 'rule of 3' rationale for submissions."

Andi Penner, author of Rabbit Sun, Lotus Moon

"I took your poetry manuscript course when I was trying so hard to figure out how to order the sequences in my book. I loved your practical advice, and it really made publication possible for me."

Katherine Indermaur, author of I/I, winner of the Colorado Book Award in Poetry

"It's only in working with you to put this manuscript together [in coaching] that I've begun to see what I'm doing as a writer. It has taught me so much more about myself and my poetics than I ever expected. Now I can see where my poetry fits."

Celeste Pfister, published poet and award-winning visual artist

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