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Explore the path to publication with likeminded poets in The Poets Circle. 

Connect. Get advice. Stay motivated.

Led by Radha Marcum, The Poets Circle is a monthly gathering of poets working on projects—from building a portfolio of journal publications to assembling chapbooks and full-length collections. For a small monthly fee, you can join this members-only group to discuss your process and the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing (see topics below), share challenges and wins, learn about tools available to poets, and exchange helpful approaches and ideas. 

Open to poets of all levels.

Lunch & Learns (60 min): 12-1pm Mountain [11am-12pm PT, 1-2 CT, 2-3 ET], Zoom: Jan 17, Feb 14, Mar 6, Apr 3, May 1, June 5, July 10, Aug 13, Sept 11, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

Community Forums (90 mins): 6:00-7:30pm Mountain [5-6:30pm PT, 7-8:30 CT, 8-9:30pm ET], Zoom: Jan 24, Feb 21, Mar 20, Apr 17, May 15, June 19, July 24, Aug 22, Sept 19, Oct 16, Nov 20, Dec 11

Times & Info

Every month, we discuss topics that help you work smarter toward writing and publishing goals (get answers to questions not normally covered in workshops!). Plus, members can submit a submission-in-progress for top-level feedback and get ideas about publishers that may be a good match. 

The Poets Circle Community Forums

Get smart about the path to publication. What can you do to make submissions stand out? What are poetry publishers looking for? Where should you focus your efforts? Are contests really worth submitting to? Radha will share practical publishing advice from over 20 years in publishing, plus get your questions answered.

Lunch & Learns: How to Publish Poetry


Join The Members Group

Submission Strategies   |   January

Strategies that can increase your acceptance rate this year.

Publishing Trends   |   March

2024 literary journal and poetry book publishing trends.

Finding Publishers   |   May

Identifying publishers for your work, not just any work.

Mentors   |   July

What to look for in a poetry mentor.

Networking for Poets   |   September

How to build a network as a poet (in ways that don’t feel ick.)

Author Platforms   |   November

What is a “platform”—and do poets need one?

Forum Topics

Get practical tips, plus bring your questions and insights on these topics.

Obsessions   |   February

How obsessions help generate & develop a body of work.

Conferences   |   April

What to look for in a summer writing conference.

Project Book—or Not?   |   June

Writing project books vs. writing without a goal.

Workshops & Peers   |   August

How to find/keep groups + tips to navigate feedback.

Publishing Options   |   October

The pros/cons of traditional, hybrid, and independent publishing.

Members Showcase   |   December

Celebrating the work we produced or published in 2024.

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